I came to Thailand with strong yearning to grow spirituality. Living as an expat in such a different culture gives one a unique perspective on what is really important in life. My experiences have brought me full circle from an exploration of Eastern philosophy back to the origins of western religions and philosophy.

According to my formal education, I am an Engineer, a Computer Scientist, and a Mathematics Teacher, but my deepest study has been the study of my inner self. This study has naturally led to a fascination with others, much more reknowned than me, who have embarked on simiilar introspection: People such as Plato, Buddha, Thoreau, Ghandi, Lao Tzu. I have been particularly inspired by those who have combined such an introspection with an exploration of the outside world: Einstein, Newton, Euclid, Tesla, Roger Bacon. This in turn lead one to an interest in the historical context which influenced their work.

These explorations have led directly to the creation of this website.

Living as an expat fosters a more receptive attitude and promotes free and independent thinking. Expats, at least in my experience, generally are much more flexibble in deciding what makes the most sense and much less likely to follow a culturally proscribed behavior that makes little or no sense. In other word

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